Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Indoor Bench Rest

Dave Lovio, Jim Stanis, John Marotzke, Rich Mendyka, Rickey Broughton
Thursday, February 9th Precision Airguns hosted it's second Indoor Bench Rest Event. Typically we shoot three cards at 50 feet. This is an informal shoot with the emphasis on Fun.  The event brought some familiar faces and some new ones.

John Marotzke, a dedicated firearms bench rest shooter showed up with an HW97 that Precision Airguns tuned and installed a Vortek Kit in.  John pulled out a quarter from his pocket and threw down a challenge. It was going to be Springer vs Springer  I said, "John, your on, let me pull my  HW77 off the rack".  Seriously this gun has to be at least 26 years old, has a 3x9 scope on it,  it does have a Vortek Kit in it also.  I was just not prepared to use this old squirrell getter in a bench rest competion.  Jim Hutchison helped set me up on his bench using a front and rear bag.  I've never done this before with a springer, but with the Votek Kit installed this gun is very forgiving.  I was actually pleased with how the HW77 shot, only dropp'ed one and it was all me.  I ended up with a 249 4X. John had some problems with the seat on his bench, he shot a 245 5X.  So the quarter he challenged me with is now on a shelf at the shop for future bragging rights, or until John wins it back, which I'm sure he will.  Johns scores progressed up, his 3rd and final target was a 249 3X.  Good Shooting John.
Top: Long Barrel HW77
Bottom: Jim Stanis' same model 26 years later, still a Top Shooter
HW77's on Special starting at $525.00
Jacob Goldstein with
Daystate Huntsman Classic .22cal

Father and Son shooters, Dave and Jacob Goldstein were using multiple guns. Huntsman Classic .22cal,  .22cal MRod Pistol, and Crosman Discovery Rifle.  Toward the end of the evening, it was clear they were both trying to hold onto the Huntsman Classic.
Dave finished with 727 12X and his son Jacob 637 1X

Steyr LG110 Hunter
Rickey Broughton shooting his Steyr LG110 Hunter had a loose muzzle break that he had custom made and installed which caused a weak first card.  His second 250 12X was actually the high target of the evening.  Rickeys third card was a 249 4X, would have had a good shot at the lead, if he wouldn't have had an issue with his muzzle break. When his first card was a 235 3x, that's hard to come back from.   You'll get um next time Rickey...

Dave Lovio and Rich Mendyka arrived later, they shared Dave's .22cal Daystates Tactical Air Wolf with Hawke 6.5 - 20 tactical scope.  Dave only shot one card but shot a 249 4X.

Left: Dave Goldstein, Right: Jim Hutchison
Overall High Shooter with a score of 749.22X was Mr. Jim Hutchison, a competitive firearm bench rest shooter.  Jim was shooting an AirArms MPR .177.  Congratulatons Jim!

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