Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Now Offering Styer Air Rifles

We are excited to be able to offer you Steyr Air Rifles.  Our first shipment is arriving early next week to include the Steyr LG110 High Power, Steyr LG110 Field Target and Steyr LG110 Hunting Versions.  Here are just a few details about the models we will be offering. 

Stery LG110 Hunting - The air rifle for Hunting!
The LG 110 HP HUNTING is a combination of maximum shot capacity, lowest ammunition costs and highest safety! With a possible energy of up to 30ft/lbs in .22cal this rifle is as accurate as a small bore rifle at shorter distances and has less muzzle noise – especially important near inhabited areas.
Available in .177, .20 & .22
Power Levels: 5.64ft/lbs - 30ft/lbs

Steyr LG110 Field Target - Pure Quality and Precision
Highest precision plus adjustment within seconds are necessary target acquisition even under
extreme conditions – this made the Steyr field target air rifle a class winner!

Available in .177
Power Levels: 5.64ft/lbs, 12ft/lbs, 18ft/lbs
Air Cylinder color choices: Blue & Silver

Steyr LG110 High Power - For Outdoor Adventures!
Available in .177cal, bounce free due to compressed air propellant, Steyr stabilizer, ball bearing trigger, compressed air cylinder with pressure gauge.
The ergonomically perfectly fitted stock for left and right hand shooters reduces weight and allows easy handling and quick site acquisition. The STEYR LG 110 HP is perfect for Field Target-competitions, but its main domain is still the rough ground. 
Available in .177   Power Levels: 5.64ft/lbs, 12ft/lbs, 18ft/lbs  $2,150.00
Available in .20  Power Levels: 12ft/lbs, 18ft/lbs, 25.5ft/lbs  $2,200.00
Available in .22  Power Levels: 12ft/lbs, 18ft/lbs, 30ft/lbs  $2,200.00

**Note-Rifles do not include scope and mounts

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