Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Is Here....

To Nancy that means Spring Cleaning the house,
 but to us Guys, Spring Cleaning means time to clean up the bore on  your favorite air rifle.
 Precision Airguns and Supplies is offering
ONE FREE CLEANING KIT with every purchase of an Air Rifle
 Two Cleaning Kits to choose from
Up to a $10.50 value
Offer Valid While Supplies Last
To receive your free cleaning kit
 Mention Spring Clean Up and your Cleaning Kit Choice
 with your Purchase

Patchworm .177cal kit - Cleaning Kit for .177cal Rifle only
The PatchWorm .17 cal Kit  is perfect for those tiny bores in .17 cal rimfire, centerfire and airguns. Rifle rods are 34"; pistol rods are 16". 
Includes a dozen dry 7/8" round cotton patches
 in a reusable flip-lid storage container.


 PatchWorm Pocket Cleaning Field Kit for .20cal and up
The PatchWorm Pocket Field Kit (PFK) is made entirely of durable nylon. This universal cleaning kit is so compact, it fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. Rifle rods are 34" long (for up to 26" barrels), pistol rods are 16" long (for up to 8" barrels). The rifle version now comes with 8 color-coded cleaning heads:
.20 cal (green)
.22 cal (white)
.243 - .284 cal (black)
.308 - .348 cal (red)
.355 - .40 cal (purple)
.41 - .45 cal (orange)
.50 - .54 cal (blue)
12 gauge (yellow

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