Sunday, February 20, 2011

FX Verminator

Excited to have the New Verminator in the Shop. 
Honestly I have very little experience with these guns, and look forward to putting one through it's paces next week if time and weather allow.  I will say however, this gun is anything but a handful. The combination of  5 1/2 lbs,  33" in length and a vertical  pistol grip make it a very easy gun to handle.  The side lever is designed to spring return on it's own which allows for quick follow up shots.  A 3 stage power adjustment, max's out at a factory spec 24 ft/lb.  This repeater utilizes the same 8-shot magazines as other FX models and comes with 2 magazines for added convenience. Vermin look out - Here I come...
 Available in .177 & .22cal

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  1. Interesting gun. Removing the rear bottle, it looks like it could be carried in a smaller case, more like a briefcase. If you remove the rear bottle does the front bottle lose it's air? How loud is this gun?